"We were building as we were still in business, so it was important that we get done as quickly as possible. And even with the extremely bad winter we had, they managed to finish right on time which was fantastic for us. When we discussed it with the architect, when we discussed it with the engineers, the building came out exactly how we pictured it."

"They come through with their promises; they have high integrity, responsive, fair price, and the quality of the design of the work is top."

"We constantly get compliments on the building and how nice it is and how nice it looks even how green our grass is, but visually it is a very appealing building from the street and inside."

"They are terrific in staying in touch and standing behind what they built."

"We were delighted by both the timing and the end result on a financial basis, so the organization from top to bottom was just outstanding."

"Phil Clark and his staff are some of the most professional people we have worked with in the design/build industry. They are also extremely easy to work with, very open and honest, and they carry through on their promises."